Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring is just around the corner!

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March 11th was the first anniversary since the gigantic earthquake and tsunami attacked Eastern Japan. Many people there are still being suffered in many ways - like living in temporary shelters, limited food and water, lack of warm clothes or other stuff.
This winter has been hit by the colder temperature with more snow than usual years in Japan . A lot of  houses and shelters do not have enough heating systems in such a severe circumstances.
Please think of those people once again and pray for them. There might be something we can do for them now on.

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Well, daylight saving time started and St. Patrick day has been past, we are getting to feel like almost spring here in Kamloops even though we still have some snowy days.

After taking long time that we prepared, we can finally introduce our new "Cake-set" offer! Make you own customized set choosing one of our popular cakes and a drink (hot or cold). It is just 5 bucks! (Yes, tax is included!) Please visit us after 2pm to get this fabulous offer.