Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome back, Master

Japanese "anime/manga" subculture has spread slowly to overseas after 1970 and now become very popular among the young people all over the world.

Akihabara -well known as its abbreviation as Akiba, is a city in Tokyo and always crowded with anime fans from worldwide. Most of them enjoy cos-play, which is another famous abbreviation as costume play.

Maid-cafe appeared in Akiba.

They are not just cafe. The servers there dress up in Anime characters or as maids, and treat the customers as anime heros or masters. The customers can trip to unrealistic world temporally while they are at the maid cafe.

The menu is just like other ordinary cafe's though, they have some special services such as the maid put cream into your coffee at your table, they feed you the first bite, or they draw pictures with ketchup on your ome-rice plate.

This, a kind of weird style cafe exploded popularity not only within all over Japan but rapidly spreaded to the United States, China and South East Asia as well.

Now I wonder when it would be coming to Canada...