Sunday, September 09, 2012

Blazers Burger!

Another hockey season is just around the corner!
Our Kamloops Blazers did blast on the playoff at the last season.
The team is 2012 BC division champion.

This year, Burger and Cafe JOY will be a sponser of every game at the Interior Savings arena.
In the intermissions, the airship floats around over you and drop some of our coupons!

We also have Blazers Burger as our new item.
Avocado slices with wasabi sauce on teriyaki beef!

You can get a free Blazers Burger if you bring a game ticket that the Blazers made hat trick!
Let's cheer up the Blazers and get a free burger for yourself!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Welcome back, Master

Japanese "anime/manga" subculture has spread slowly to overseas after 1970 and now become very popular among the young people all over the world.

Akihabara -well known as its abbreviation as Akiba, is a city in Tokyo and always crowded with anime fans from worldwide. Most of them enjoy cos-play, which is another famous abbreviation as costume play.

Maid-cafe appeared in Akiba.

They are not just cafe. The servers there dress up in Anime characters or as maids, and treat the customers as anime heros or masters. The customers can trip to unrealistic world temporally while they are at the maid cafe.

The menu is just like other ordinary cafe's though, they have some special services such as the maid put cream into your coffee at your table, they feed you the first bite, or they draw pictures with ketchup on your ome-rice plate.

This, a kind of weird style cafe exploded popularity not only within all over Japan but rapidly spreaded to the United States, China and South East Asia as well.

Now I wonder when it would be coming to Canada...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Self-produced Commercial Ad

Hello Kamloops!
Woo Hoo! Shooting Star Amusement will be coming to Sahali Mall! It will start from June 13th at 3pm and end up on the 17th.
There is a coloring contest as well. It will be so much fun for everyone! Please see the following link for the details.
Have you seen our self-produced commercial ads on youtube yet? There are 3 patterns. What do you think is the best?
Feel free to copy and paste the link on your FB or blog page.
Don't forget to bring your dad to JOY on the Father's Day, Sunday June 17th. He will like our burger just like you do!
Happy Farther's Day!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Outdoor Season

Hello Kamloops! Is it still spring or already summer?? It is the season we can go hiking, fishing and camping!

Did you know some of our burgers are taste great even they got colder? You can take them out to your favorite outdoor activities just like packed lunch! Try our Pork Katsu Burger, Croquettte Burger or Teriyaki Chicken Burger for your picnic! Our new Chicken Karaage -crispy fried chicken are also great to go!

Don't forget to take our iced latte or iced coffee, too. Our coffee is made of 100% organic Kootenay coffee. We are so pround of serving you BC local products! We also have a variety of  Japanese snacks to choose from like Pocky(chocolatey preztchel).

No plan to go anywhere? Then stay cool in the cafe and enjoy cake set. It is only 5 bucks including tax! A yummy fluffy green tea roll cake(or other kind of cakes) with your favorite drink. Cake set offer is only after 2pm, so perfect for your tea time.

You can also try Ramune carbonated sodas. The retro bottles are pretty unique! Can you get a marble out of the bottle??

We also have green tea ice crean and black sesame ice cream. Try something new this summer!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have been having days like summer! Take your favorite burger out with you to the outdoor fun! Our delicious burgers are still good even they lost the fresh-made warmness! Don't forget to have one of our great iced latte, too!

We introduce some of our new burgers at this time.

Shiromi Fish Burger    Crispy Japanese panko-breaded wild pacific sole with homemade tartar sauce and fresh green leaf lettuce. Shiromi means white meat. Not very greasy like battered fish.

Oyster Burger    Seafood lover's favorite! Japanese panko(bread crumbs) makes it so crispy outside and oyster is juicy and tender. Comes with fresh shredded cabbage, Japanese mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce.

Shrimp Ebi burger    3 BIG black tiger prawns! Enjoy this gorgeous burger with Japanese style tartar sauce on top of crispy breaded prawns. Ebi means prawns or shrimps. Fresh shredded cabbage and a bit of tonkatsu sauce make it even better.

We have Sunday Seafood Burger Special for Facebook and Twitter users only. Don't miss the great deal! Visit our Facebook page and "like" it or follow us on twitter today!

Our first commercial ad will be on-air on River-FM from next month during the campaign of coming up Brian Adams live in Kamloops! Hope more people would get know our great food at this oppotunity.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter weekend

There will be a family fun Easter event at Sahali mall on Saturday April 7th. Children's easter party! Yes, whatever the weather would be 'cause it is indoor and it is absolutely free! Come to see the Easter bunny and get your treat, children! It starts from noon and ends at 2pm.

Our business hour during the Easter long weekend will be...
We open Good Friday and Saturday!

Our first radio commercial will be on air from next month on River 97.5FM. Pre-check it and let us know what you think!
It will be broadcasted during the exciting campaign coming soon! What will it be? Check it out soon!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring is just around the corner!

courtesy of
March 11th was the first anniversary since the gigantic earthquake and tsunami attacked Eastern Japan. Many people there are still being suffered in many ways - like living in temporary shelters, limited food and water, lack of warm clothes or other stuff.
This winter has been hit by the colder temperature with more snow than usual years in Japan . A lot of  houses and shelters do not have enough heating systems in such a severe circumstances.
Please think of those people once again and pray for them. There might be something we can do for them now on.

courtesy of

Well, daylight saving time started and St. Patrick day has been past, we are getting to feel like almost spring here in Kamloops even though we still have some snowy days.

After taking long time that we prepared, we can finally introduce our new "Cake-set" offer! Make you own customized set choosing one of our popular cakes and a drink (hot or cold). It is just 5 bucks! (Yes, tax is included!) Please visit us after 2pm to get this fabulous offer.