Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We have been having days like summer! Take your favorite burger out with you to the outdoor fun! Our delicious burgers are still good even they lost the fresh-made warmness! Don't forget to have one of our great iced latte, too!

We introduce some of our new burgers at this time.

Shiromi Fish Burger    Crispy Japanese panko-breaded wild pacific sole with homemade tartar sauce and fresh green leaf lettuce. Shiromi means white meat. Not very greasy like battered fish.

Oyster Burger    Seafood lover's favorite! Japanese panko(bread crumbs) makes it so crispy outside and oyster is juicy and tender. Comes with fresh shredded cabbage, Japanese mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce.

Shrimp Ebi burger    3 BIG black tiger prawns! Enjoy this gorgeous burger with Japanese style tartar sauce on top of crispy breaded prawns. Ebi means prawns or shrimps. Fresh shredded cabbage and a bit of tonkatsu sauce make it even better.

We have Sunday Seafood Burger Special for Facebook and Twitter users only. Don't miss the great deal! Visit our Facebook page and "like" it or follow us on twitter today!

Our first commercial ad will be on-air on River-FM from next month during the campaign of coming up Brian Adams live in Kamloops! Hope more people would get know our great food at this oppotunity.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter weekend

There will be a family fun Easter event at Sahali mall on Saturday April 7th. Children's easter party! Yes, whatever the weather would be 'cause it is indoor and it is absolutely free! Come to see the Easter bunny and get your treat, children! It starts from noon and ends at 2pm.

Our business hour during the Easter long weekend will be...
We open Good Friday and Saturday!

Our first radio commercial will be on air from next month on River 97.5FM. Pre-check it and let us know what you think! http://soundcloud.com/michael-rathwell/032912-burger-cafe-joy-spec
It will be broadcasted during the exciting campaign coming soon! What will it be? Check it out soon!