Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Outdoor Season

Hello Kamloops! Is it still spring or already summer?? It is the season we can go hiking, fishing and camping!

Did you know some of our burgers are taste great even they got colder? You can take them out to your favorite outdoor activities just like packed lunch! Try our Pork Katsu Burger, Croquettte Burger or Teriyaki Chicken Burger for your picnic! Our new Chicken Karaage -crispy fried chicken are also great to go!

Don't forget to take our iced latte or iced coffee, too. Our coffee is made of 100% organic Kootenay coffee. We are so pround of serving you BC local products! We also have a variety of  Japanese snacks to choose from like Pocky(chocolatey preztchel).

No plan to go anywhere? Then stay cool in the cafe and enjoy cake set. It is only 5 bucks including tax! A yummy fluffy green tea roll cake(or other kind of cakes) with your favorite drink. Cake set offer is only after 2pm, so perfect for your tea time.

You can also try Ramune carbonated sodas. The retro bottles are pretty unique! Can you get a marble out of the bottle??

We also have green tea ice crean and black sesame ice cream. Try something new this summer!

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