Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shop and Dine in wintertime @ Sahali Mall

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. How are you surviving in these chilly circumstance?
Winter is already arrived here, looks like much earlier than usual.
I don't feel like going out and want to stay home all day if it is possible.
Nobody wants to shop around in such cold days, right?
I used to shop around like this, groceries at super store, household item at
walmart, small things at dollarama and toys at toysrus.
I had to drive and park, walk and shop, and drive again and... so frustrated
in icy snowy conditions.
Now I've got a better way to shop around!

Just park your car in the spacious parking lots at sahali mall and rush in
to the warmy indoor mall!
You can get anything you want at this place. No travelling around!
Get your grocery needs at safeway, household items at zellers(future site of
target!), small things at dollar giant and toys at tumbleweed toys! There
are also a carlton cards, an apple dealer, a nail salon and much more
retailers, even a post office!
After shopping, you can have a coffee break at JOY of course! Our pride of
Kootenay coffee is 100% organic made in BC. We have various kinds of tea
lattes as well. The most popular hot drink is Green tea latte. Be sure to
get warm before you hop in the car!

We open 7 days a week!

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